Assessment and Grading

Examinations, assessment and grading are held according to the regulations arranged by the University Senate. There are one midterm and one final examination for each course. Examinations are written examinations however if necessary they can also be performed orally or by practice work. Lessons and every kind of practices are evaluated through bay credits.

Student’s grade in any lesson determinate by relative regulation. The principles of relative regulation system are made bay Senate. Examinations are evaluated on 100 (one hundred) point. 40 % of midterm exam grade and 60 % of final exam grade are exist of grade of one lesson. Lecturer gives one of the grades which above.


          Grade           Factor 

            AA                 4.0

            BA                 3.5

            BB                 3.0

            CB                 2.5

            CC                 2.0

            DC                 1.5

            DD                 1.0

            FF                  0.0


            B= Successful for non-credit courses,

            K= Unsuccessful (fail) for non-credit courses,

            D= Absence

            G= Not entered,

            M= Exempt,

            S= Ongoing study,

            E= Deficient, (grade E, which isn’t corrected till the record date of following term, turn into FF)


According to the letter success grade, student’s success is evaluated as follows:

a) Student, who takes AA, BA, BB, CB, CC grades, is considered successful.

b) Taking DC-DD grades from a lesson says that the lesson achieved conditional.

c) A student, who takes FF grade, is considered that the student has failed and repeats the same course in the first semester or year.

d) Exempting is used for the lessons students, who are accepted from institution of higher education via lateral transfer or enter student selection examination and get the chance of registration again, take in the higher education program before beginning their education in the related field and are determined successful by the administrative committee.

e) The lessons, labelled as M and B, whose success grade not defined, aren’t evaluated while calculating the cumulative grade average.

f) K and D grade are regarded as FF in cumulative grade average. The lesson which evaluated K and D are repeated in the first semester or year.