Learning Outcomes

1) Today the fourth power press sector in all areas of the task as accepted and they have that professional technical knowledge hardware. Mass media have a working of functıons and effects.

2) Communication of the phenomenon(fact) of national, international, social and cultural dimensions. (Mass Comunitıon system know dıfferent culture). Types of communication systems and communication of different cultures. 

3) Media technologies have the ability to use the tools.

4) Written and oral communication skills with the ability to quickly understand and interpret the reading. 

5) Individual or group work ability, a good observer, researcher, responsible of the strong communication, critical perspective on the development.

6) Foreign language knows best. Will follow the events taking place in the national media. 

7) In the developing World and Turkey and current events to the public as the people offering that information.

8) National or local, public/private sector organizations and the press, news photographer, journalist, editor, columnist, television or radio news broadcaster to have accessories that can run. 

9) Journalıst related theories, methods, strategies, and techniques that they have learned. Newspaper reporters in certain areas, uzmanlaşır. (Sports reporter, economics correspondent, etc.)

10) Have the necessary information to implement the theoretical and hardware fields.(Theoretical is knowledge and used it)

(Scientific production processes, methods and techniques of knowledge.) 

11) Social responsibility, creative, sensitive issues, academic and scientific point of view that produces the solution.

12) News gathering and making, interpersonal communication, writing, interview techniques, graphics and page design, desktop publishing, radio, television and the internet publishing. 

13) Ethics, respect for freedom of expression, the press and the public are aware of the usefulness in terms of qualified press worker.

14) Turkey and other press of different countries, policies, current issues and social history knows knowledgeable about the institutions. 

15) They have the ability to read and research the curious, the Visual narrative, careful, knowledge.