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The Department of Journalism

Media has played an active role in the process of informing the public since it emerged that up to. Between governing and governed that serves as a bridge the importance of the Media in terms of democratic regimes is an indispensable feature. Therefore, the development of media and can also reveal the original release of democracy is the guarantee. Press the function and to carry the mission is concerned, this task deservedly fulfill the will of responsibility, the environment and environmental development events and the case is sensitive to society’s understanding and meaning contribute to the process that employees are required.

The basic purpose of journalism, the industry is to respond to the needs of qualified staff. However, professional societies regard the importance of an understanding, the public’s right to get information right to respect professional ethics code that meets the language and narrative skills improved, the society is to know that, intellectually equipped staff to train.

Journalism graduate students who have careers in the local and national, written, visual and audio media correspondent, page secretariat, columnist, editor, news director, editorial director and general editor directing various levels play a role. Journalism graduates as well as the media consultant for various public and private sector organizations and served as press and public relations departments can work.